Don'T Skimp On The Dress And Gowns When Planning Your Wedding

If you are trying to get married on a budget, you are obviously going to be watching every dime quite carefully. Some creative options might include getting a friend to DJ or take photographs or asking your entire family to help cater the reception. While there's nothing wrong with pinching pennies, there's one part of your wedding you don't want to go cheap on and that is the clothing for yourself and the bridal party.

3 Reasons That A Home-Based Wedding Can Be Difficult

If you're engaged to be married and have begun to think about where you'd like the ceremony and reception to take place, you might be leaning toward having the wedding at your home or the home of a family member. You're probably thinking of the advantages of this venue, and there are many.  For example, the money that you save by not having to pay for the venue can go toward your honeymoon.

Four Things To Look For In A Vegas Wedding Chapel

Not everyone who gets married in Las Vegas decides to do so at the last minute. You can choose this city as the perfect setting for your destination wedding, and you can plan ahead to make sure your wedding chapel has everything you want for your special day. If you want to get married along the Las Vegas Strip, here are some things to look for when you select your wedding chapel.

Considerations When Looking At Outdoor Reception Venues

Holding a wedding reception outdoors is a wonderful way to incorporate nature into your special day, but you must be prepared for a little more planning. Receptions held indoors are automatically contained and protected from the outside world, but with an outdoor reception, obviously that no longer is the case. When you look at a wedding reception venue, keep the following in mind to reduce the chances of an unpleasant surprise during the actual reception.

What Could Be Causing Wedding Dress Rash And How To Handle It

Your wedding dress is supposed to be something you treasure for life and that you love wearing on your big day. But for many women, those dresses turn into unpleasant straightjackets that cause itchy, red skin. Jokes aside about allergic reactions to marriage, these rashes are very annoying, but you can take care of them. Here's a look at what might be causing them and how you can take care of those causes.