What Could Be Causing Wedding Dress Rash And How To Handle It

Your wedding dress is supposed to be something you treasure for life and that you love wearing on your big day. But for many women, those dresses turn into unpleasant straightjackets that cause itchy, red skin. Jokes aside about allergic reactions to marriage, these rashes are very annoying, but you can take care of them. Here's a look at what might be causing them and how you can take care of those causes.

Wedding In A Winter Wonderland: Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding

The winter season is home to quite a few holidays, gorgeous snow, and a general feeling of fellowship between people. In fact, some take this feeling of fellowship a little more seriously than others, and decide to plan their wedding for the frosty winter months. But winter weddings aren't without their pitfalls – and, in order to plan a successful wedding, you'll want to be aware of the possible complications that can occur when you plan a wedding in the most wonderful time of the year.