Three Things That A Wedding Celebrant Can Offer

When you start to research local wedding celebrants in an effort to find one to hire for your big day, you might be primarily thinking about the role that this person will play during the ceremony. Any wedding celebrant will lead the wedding ceremony from its start to its conclusion, but you'll often find wedding celebrants who can do more for you. If you feel that you could use a helping hand, as well as some valuable words of encouragement about other parts of your wedding, a celebrant who offers additional services can be an asset. The additional duties that celebrants can perform will vary, but here are some areas in which they can often provide help.

Ceremony Planning

While your celebrant will lead the ceremony on your wedding day, some of them will actually help you to plan it, too. A celebrant who has worked on many weddings over the years will have a solid idea of what works well and what doesn't. If you haven't attended many weddings in your life and are struggling to plan your ceremony, don't hesitate to seek the help of your celebrant. You can run certain ideas past them to see what they think, as well as work together to decide the optimal order for each element of the ceremony.

Vow Writing

A lot of people like the idea of writing their own wedding vows. This task, however, can sometimes feel challenging — particularly if writing isn't one of your strongest attributes. Instead of looking online for generic content to fill your vows, you might wish to choose a celebrant who can help you write these meaningful words. They can spend time with you and ask you some questions about your loved one. Your answers can help to provide the content that makes your vows customized and special. You may even find that you're more confident when you deliver the vows because the celebrant who helped you will be standing nearby.


You'll feel a lot more confident on the day of your wedding when you've rehearsed your ceremony. Some couples skip this step, but doing so is inadvisable. Many wedding celebrants will lead you in a rehearsal of some or all of the ceremony. You may wish to involve your bridal party in the rehearsal, but even if some of these people aren't able to attend, you'll have the increased confidence of practicing before the big day. Learn more about the many ways that celebrants can help by browsing online.