Tips For Holding Special Events In Banquet Rooms

Whether you're planning a small or large special event, such as a wedding or a corporate conference or ceremony, a banquet room will most likely meet all of your needs. Banquet rooms make versatile venues in that the space is very flexible and easy to customize with the right decor, seating elements, and other logistics. 

Banquet rooms are typically located inside large hotels, resorts, and conference centers, and are available in a variety of sizes. The facilities may also offer both indoor and outdoor space, such as yards, patios, and decks, during the warmer months of the year. 

No matter what your event-planning budget is, you'll be able to find a banquet room that fits. Cost factors include location, the size of the facilities, and how much demand there is for the venue. Be sure to book the space as soon in advance as possible if your event takes place during a busy time of year, such as the summer wedding and winter holiday seasons. 

Here are some additional tips for holding special events in banquet rooms.

1. Inquire About Catering Options 

Prior to booking the venue, ask the event team if the facility offers onsite catering options. If the banquet room is located inside a restaurant and hotel, the eatery may provide menu options for your big day. Guests may be able to order off of the regular menu, or the restaurant may offer a more budget-friendly prix fixe option. If you require a specialty dessert, such as a wedding birthday cake, work with a local bakery.

If the venue doesn't offer onsite catering, you'll have to either make your own food or hire an outside caterer or eatery to do it for you. Again, reserve the services far in advance during busy times, and take any of your guests' dietary concerns and preferences into consideration when planning the menu. 

2. Decorations and Logistics

Since many banquet rooms feature neutral-colored floors, walls, and furniture so that they'll accommodate a wide range of events, plan on bringing in your own decorations and other items, such as seating elements and tables, to give the space a personalized look.

For instance, if your wedding theme is "winter wonderland," bring in silver or white tablecloths and chair covers, as well as silver table centerpieces to set the mood. For corporate events, decorate the room in company colors, or with wall hangings featuring your company motto or other motivating messages. 

Reach out to corporate event facilities to learn more.