What To Anticipate At The Initial Wedding Consultation

The wedding consultation is the first step in the wedding planning process. As such an exciting and life-changing event, there is no question that the consultation is a process filled with an equal level of excitement. However, there is sometimes a bit of anxiety, as not everyone knows what to expect at this meeting. If you have a consultation planned, learn more about what you can anticipate. 

Planner's Portfolio

The wedding consultation is all about wowing the couple. One way consultants go about this process is through a portfolio presentation. At the visit, prepare to see photo or video presentations that showcase the consultant's past work. Not only does this step allow you to get more insight into the consultant's experience and abilities, but you can also gain inspiration from your special day. 

Idea Mapping

A large part of the consultation involves getting as much information from you as possible. A consultant is interested in giving their clients the day of their dreams, and they can only do so if they know what their dream looks like. Prepare to answer a lot of questions about your ideal wedding day, and to do so in great detail. Look at it this way, the more you overshare, the more likely you are to have a day that perfectly fits your vision.

Realistic vs. Unrealistic Expectations

You can also expect a not-so-exciting discussion about the budget. Finances are the more gloomy part of the wedding planning process, but they are very important. After collecting details about your ideal day and discussing your budget, the consultant might speak with you about the areas of your plans that are realistic or unrealistic based on your budget to determine if you need to restructure your plans accordingly before moving forward. 

Logistical Details

There will likely also be a conversation about logistics. Many couples are shocked to discover just how much of a logistical process executing a wedding ceremony and reception is. There may be multiple venues to work with, multiple vendors, both before and on the big day, and so much more. The consultant will use these details to try and provide you with an idea of what your timeline should look like based on the elements of your special day. 

Use this information to prepare for your wedding consultation to ensure you get the most out of this experience and the entire wedding planning process. 

For more info about wedding consultation services, contact a local company.