Wedding In A Winter Wonderland: Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding

The winter season is home to quite a few holidays, gorgeous snow, and a general feeling of fellowship between people. In fact, some take this feeling of fellowship a little more seriously than others, and decide to plan their wedding for the frosty winter months. But winter weddings aren't without their pitfalls – and, in order to plan a successful wedding, you'll want to be aware of the possible complications that can occur when you plan a wedding in the most wonderful time of the year. So if you've got winter nuptials planned and you're a bit concerned about what could go wrong, then here's what you need to know.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

No matter what season you plan your wedding to be in, weather will always be a consideration – but winter weather tends to be a bit more severe and unpredictable, so extra caution is necessary here. Since you can't predict the weather month in advance, you'll need to not only have a Plan B, but also a Plan C and a Plan D in case of inclement weather. That includes having indoor facilities if you're planning an outdoor wedding, ensuring that you've got a backup generator if winter storms knock out the power, and double checking the ability of the pipes of your venue to function even in the coldest weather. Last but not least, be sure you have a place to put your traveling guests for the night if storms cause the roads or airports to close.

Consider Outfits

The last thing you want is to plan for all weather-related disasters but have your bridesmaids shivering in linen gowns throughout the ceremony. Remember that your wedding party not only has to look good and uniform but also not be frozen while they're making the wedding and reception run smoothly. Dress boots are a good option for the female members of your wedding party, as it allows them to wear socks to keep themselves warm, as are sleeves or jackets for the bridesmaids' and maid/matron of honor's dresses. Luckily, this concern only affects half your wedding party. The men's suits and shoes will be probably adequately keep them warm.

Plan Your Food

Once your wedding party and your guests get in from the cold, it's probable that they'll want something warm to stave off the cold. Including hot cocoa or hot coffee in with your appetizer hour is a good idea, as is considering hardier foods like stews in your wedding menu. Last of all, warm desserts like pie and cobblers will warm your guests' stomachs as they prepare to go back out in the cold once the party concludes. For assistance, talk to a professional like Events By Nichole.