Two Things You Should Tell a Wedding DJ After You Hire Them

After hiring a wedding DJ, there are a couple of specific things you will need to talk to them about. Here are just two things you should bring up. 

1. Whether or not you want them to take song requests at the wedding

You must give plenty of thought to whether or not you want your DJ to take song requests at your wedding. If for example, you are not fussy about what music is played and simply want the DJ to play songs which your guests will like, then you should instruct the DJ to comply with any music requests that are made by the people at your wedding.

However, there is something to be said for not permitting song requests. For example, if you want the DJ to perform remixes of certain songs, which will require them to play two different records on their turntables simultaneously, then it would make sense to ban song requests. If a wedding guest approaches the DJ while they are trying to perform a remix that requires them to use both their hands, then this interruption could kill their focus and cause them to make a mistake.

Additionally, if some of your guests have questionable taste in music and are likely to make requests for songs that you would find distasteful, offensive, or inappropriate for a wedding, then instructing the DJ not to accept requests would ensure that you don't have to listen to awful music on this important occasion.

2. The kind of wedding decor you intend to use around the DJ deck stand

You should also talk to the wedding DJ about the decorations you are thinking about using on the stage where their deck stand will be. Some of the decor you might be planning to use in this area could interfere with the DJ's efforts to perform.

For example, if you were to put a dozen or more helium balloons directly above the deck stand, the floating strings that hang down from these balloons might tickle the DJ's face, which they might find irritating when they are trying to concentrate. Likewise, if you sprinkle flower petals all over the deck stand and the stage, some might end up floating onto the DJ's turntables or laptop and might then make it difficult for this person to change their records, turn a dial or press a specific laptop key.

As such, it's best to let them know which decorations you're thinking of using and to use different ones if they indicate that the ones you planned to get might cause issues.