3 Tips For Finding An Affordable Package At A Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding on your own in which you meet with lots of vendors before hiring only a certain number of them is a lot of work. It may be enough work that you do not want to worry about this extensive process in preparation for your wedding. In your case, you may prefer to find a wedding venue that you like and then choose a package that they offer.

Following several tips on getting an affordable package will help you find a wedding venue and a preset or customized package that is within your budget and meets all your needs.

Reserved Time

An easy way to keep costs to a minimum is by finding a package without a lot of reserved time for the ceremony and reception. The great thing about this is that these events do not need to be lengthy to make sure that they are memorable, enjoyable, and satisfying. With proper planning and timeliness, you can get everything that you want from short time reservations.

A thirty-minute ceremony is plenty of time, especially when you run through all the details with your guests to make sure that they know where to go and what to do at certain times.

Meal Choice

When you look at a lot of wedding packages and options, you will find that the types of meals that you can have vary greatly. For instance, you can get a luxurious dinner for all your guests, which would likely lead to one of the highest costs per person for your wedding. To maximize the value that you get with the reception meal, you should consider going with a brunch buffet.

This will also allow you to serve popular drinks for this kind of meal such as coffee, orange juice, and mimosas without having to worry about putting all your budget on drinks alone.


A simple decorative setup is something that you should be looking for with your wedding because it will not take a lot of time or effort for venue employees to set up. Also, you will not have to worry about feeling overwhelmed with choices when you only have a couple of decisions to make. Being able to choose the color of the flowers, tablecloths, and napkins may satisfy your needs.

If you want an affordable wedding package, you should follow these tips. Reach out to local wedding venues, like Le San Michele, to learn more.