3 Reasons That A Home-Based Wedding Can Be Difficult

If you're engaged to be married and have begun to think about where you'd like the ceremony and reception to take place, you might be leaning toward having the wedding at your home or the home of a family member. You're probably thinking of the advantages of this venue, and there are many. 

For example, the money that you save by not having to pay for the venue can go toward your honeymoon. However, you might not immediately be thinking about the obstacles that a home-based wedding can present when compared to booking a proper wedding venue. Here are three reasons that getting married at home can be difficult.

1. Lack Of Proper Amenities

An issue with getting married at home is that there aren't adequate amenities to accommodate the number of guests who will be with you on your special day. Even though home-based weddings tend to be smaller than those at proper wedding venues, you may still have a couple of dozen people there. 

For starters, your driveway is likely only big enough to accommodate a couple of vehicles, and while street parking may be somewhat plentiful around you, there probably won't be space for everyone. This can mean that lots of guests have to park far away and walk. Additionally, having perhaps a couple of dozen people share just one or two bathrooms can also be less than ideal. At a proper venue, you won't have these concerns.

2. More Expenses Than You Might Think

While you won't have to pay for the venue itself when you get married at home, you might be surprised at how quickly the expenses add up. A home-based wedding means that you'll need to rent a long list of things. For example, you'll need tables and chairs for an outdoor ceremony, as well as a large tent. You'll also want to rent all of your dishes, glasses, and other similar items, and you may decide to get some portable toilets to help reduce the line-ups to your bathrooms.

3. Issues Beyond Your Control

When you get married at home, there can be a number of issues beyond your control that can affect your day. For example, a neighbor might decide to mow the lawn with a loud lawnmower just as you're getting to read your vows, or a pool party next door may have loud music and lots of yelling. A neighbor with a fire in an outdoor fire pit could unknowingly fill your yard with smoke. When you book your big day at a wedding venue, you'll be able to successfully avoid these issues.

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