Who Needs Roses? A Rainbow Of Other Summer Wedding Flower Options

Summer is a great time to have a wedding. With warm weather and so many flowers in bloom, many people choose to get married this time of year. As you start to prepare for your wedding, there are many choices such as the colors, location, and theme, but what about the flowers? If you are tired of the same old bouquet of roses, here is a rainbow of different blossoms to fit your wedding decor.

Pink- There are so many shades of pink, and many flowers that come in varying tones. If you are looking for lighter pinks, peonies and dahlias can be very pretty options. Peonies have an appearance like a ruffled rose while dahlias appear more uniform with concentric, scoop-like petals. Some particularly beautiful varieties include the "Sarah Barnhart" peonies, and the "Kidd's Climax" dahlias.

Red- Roses are often used as a red for wedding flowers, but why not use gerbera daisies or tulips instead? Both of these boldly colored flowers come in a variety of colors and look so perfect that they are sometimes mistaken for silk. They are just right for a picture-perfect wedding.

Orange- If your wedding colors include varying shades of orange, brightly colored tiger lilies or daylilies can add a pop of color.

Yellow- For a yellow addition to your wedding bouquet, why not include daffodils or daisies? These simple flowers bloom naturally in spring and early summer, making them perfect for a wedding in June or early July.

Green- An unusual, yet very beautiful addition to any wedding bouquet is an orchid. If you are looking for flowers to complement a green color scheme, why not try the green Cymbidium variety?

Blue- Another summer perennial that is gaining popularity among wedding flowers is the hydrangea. This cluster of little white blossoms is often tipped or variegated with many different shades of blue, making it a great pairing for denim or navy themes.

Purple- For a simple, elegant arrangement in shades of lavender, a few sprigs of lilac make a lovely, and fragrant addition. This flower features a columnar collection of blossoms that come in many different hues of purple.

White- If you're looking for a very sweet-smelling wedding bouquet, jasmine is a great option for an ivory colored flower. If you are not looking for such a strongly smelling flower, there are many other beautiful white blooms, as well. Magnolias are a popular Southern option, and hibiscus can add a tropical touch to a beach wedding.

No matter what colors you plan to have at your wedding, you are sure to find flower options in a rainbow of hues. While roses are great, feel free to explore other flower combinations as well. The results will be both beautiful and unique.